Hi, I'm Kathy 👋

You probably knew that since you found me on the internet. You might be looking for my writing. I write about people. My interests lie in the aesthetics of the Vietnamese diaspora, technology, and trauma. I have a secret identity as a product manager at redacted and that's also pretty cool. I'm from Calgary, which has both snow and cowboys. Currently living and melting in Ho Chi Minh City.


This is a selection of my fiction.

No Clue — Shortlisted for the Fair Australia Prize
An after-school special for those of us who cut class and stole lipstick.

All of Us — Ricepaper Magazine, reprinted in Dark Helix no. 3 and in fresh.ink magazine
Reckoning with intergenerational demons at your brother's wedding reception.

Certainly the people (t)here — Cagibi Literary Magazine
Impulsively visiting your family in Vietnam after an adult-sized loss.

L'incendie — NōD Magazine Fall 2014 in print.
Falling in love with a caricature of a French woman to deal with your own sexuality.


You can write me at [email protected]
I also take pictures.
Sometimes I tweet.
I accept unsolicited love letters and invitations to duel.